4 tips for a successful promo campaign

Let us help you to create a strategy for sending out promos and give you a few tips to run successful campaigns.

1, Have a strategy

Do not send out several promos at the same time. The best thing is to keep sending your recipients promos on a regular basis. They will get to know your label better and become familiar with the music as well as see that you are releasing consistently. 

Normally, labels send out promos with a reminder after a week. As such, your recipients will receive your promo over two weeks. If you send out many promos at the same time, all you’ll be achieving is spamming your DJs’ mailboxes. This is the worst thing you can do. They will not only flag your label’s promo mailouts but they will unsubscribe from your list. So be patient and build your label’s reputation slowly but surely!

2, Do not spam

I have just mentioned that sending many promo emails within a short time period (a few days) has a negative impact on your campaign but there is another thing that affects – cold sending. The best promo lists are built over a long time period. Adding DJs who really want to receive your music is the best you can do and this will end up with great campaigns with lots of feedbacks. If you just add random DJs without their permission or even knowing their music style that does not take you anywhere! A great promo list with 100 recipients is better than a cold list with 1000 DJs who do not want your music, nor play your style of music. So avoid spamming!

Your aim must be a great Dj list, with good opening and feedback rates.

Send your promos for free!

Syndicast is providing the Promo Sender service for free until further notice but at least until September 2020, in order to support record labels in these hard time caused by the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis.

3, Schedule your campaigns

Scheduling is part of the strategy. Syndicast’s system allows you to create as many DJ lists as you want, and to even schedule the campaigns to be sent to each individual list at different times.

For instance, usually promo campaigns last 5 weeks minimum. First, send out the promo to the most important DJs and later on schedule for those less important.

4, Customize the promos with your own header

The Promo Sender allows you to customize the promo emails you send out. Give it your label’s personal touch.

Go to Music Services > Promo Sender > My Label(s) and select the label you want to customize. Then change the Newsletter Email Header. The image size must be 560px x 100px.


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