Connect with our team at IMS Ibiza

The next stop for the Syndicast Team during the conference season is the International Music Summit in Ibiza this April 2024.

IMS will take place from the 24th to the 26th of April in Ibiza, hosted at the Mondrian Ibiza & Hyde Ibiza Hotels. For more information, visit the IMS Website.

IMS offers an excellent opportunity to connect with industry innovators, leaders, and music creators from all over the world, within the electronic music industry. It’s a chance to inspire each other, exchange ideas, and tackle new challenges to evolve our businesses.

If you’re looking to enhance your radio presence, we would be delighted to have a chat with you! Whether you are a record label, an artist, or simply a music enthusiast, we would love to connect. If you are interested in the services of Syndicast, please feel free to reach out and request a meeting:

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