How and where to find content for your radio station?

Are you struggling to fill your radio station’s schedule? Or just starting a new station and want some shows to play?

If you are running a radio station or just starting one there is one constant problem you always have to face: the content. You need content to broadcast on your radio. Of course, everybody wants unique and own content but to make is time-consuming and expensive and there are certain parts of the day, such as late night which might not have the audience for all your hard work to pay off. So there is another way – and it’s possibly the easiest – to fill your schedule with awesome content: using syndicated content.

What is syndicated content?

Syndicated content is content that you license from individual presenters, podcasters or other radio stations. There are 100s of radio shows and podcasts that are keen to grow and be on the radio. Usually, these shows are well produced and the content makers put lots of work and effort into them.

Benefits to using syndicated content for your radio station.

1. You don’t need to worry about content production.

2. You can save money because you don’t need to employ presenters for overnight shifts, to give just one example. You can fill up your schedule with syndicated content and you can even welcome world famous presenters to your “station”.

3. The content is usually free as the programme-makers want to spread their shows as widely as possible to many outlets.

Syndicast - The Radio Source

Register and get access to Free Imaging Assets, Music and Syndicated Radio Shows

How can I find syndicated content for my station?

There are different syndication companies around the world and depending on the type of content you want access to you can find talk shows, drive time shows, and much more.

If you are after dance music then Syndicast is definitely worth checking out as it’s one of the best sources for syndicated electronic music shows and podcasts.

Syndicast has been syndicating content since 2010 and manages over 60 programmes from the crème de la crème. When you sign up with Syndicast you get access to podcasts and radio shows by some of the biggest names out there such as Robin Schulz, VessBroz, Stefano Noferini, Dave Clarke, Coyu, Marco Bailey and many more. Everything from Underground Techno to  Housey sounds up to Mainstage Trance or Dance / EDM.

Here you can find the full list of their programming.

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