Syndicast Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with Paul Rudd – Tips for Radio Show Hosts

Paul Rudd is an esteemed presenter of the "Globalsessions" radio show, currently broadcast on various radio stations across multiple countries. Paul graciously agreed to participate in a Syndicast Spotlight interview with us to provide advice for emerging radio show hosts and share some background about himself and the show.
Sit back and discover how Paul Rudd mastered the art of riding the airwaves.

Syndicast: Paul, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your journey in the music industry?

Paul Rudd: Absolutely! My name is Paul Rudd, and I am a DJ and music producer from London, UK. My journey in the music industry began at a young age, inspired by my brother’s involvement in hospital radio. This early exposure ignited my passion for music and broadcasting. A significant milestone in my early career was winning the ‘Search for a Star’ competition at The Capital Radio Café in Leicester Square, London. This opportunity allowed me to work alongside various DJs and shows at Capital (one of the UK’s biggest radio stations), which was an invaluable experience.

Following this, I had the privilege of DJing around the world with Carnival and P&O Cruises, which was a fantastic opportunity to connect with diverse audiences. Upon returning to the UK, I focused on producing my own music and creating remixes for other artists, marking my deeper entry into the music industry. I then toured extensively and released singles globally for many years.

In 2014, I launched “Globalsessions,” a weekly radio show that has grown significantly and is now broadcast in over 40 countries on 140 stations each week. Throughout my career, I have built invaluable connections with many artists, producer and labels who now send me their latest tracks directly, which I love sharing with my audience on “Globalsessions” each week!

Syndicast: Please enlighten us with a brief overview of “Globalsessions” for those who might not be familiar with it yet.

Paul Rudd: “Globalsessions” is a dynamic weekly radio show dedicated to the best in new dance music. Launched in 2014, the show features an eclectic mix of the hottest tracks and guest mixes from top DJs and producers around the globe. Broadcasted in over 40 countries on 140 stations each week, “Globalsessions” has become a significant platform in the dance music scene.

Each episode aims to keep fans updated on the latest trends and releases in dance music. The show has hosted guest session mixes occasionally from renowned artists such as Wilson, The Freemasons, and Utah Saints.

Additionally, “Globalsessions” frequently features exclusive tracks and premieres, giving listeners a first listen to new music from both emerging and established artists. My goal with “Globalsessions” is not just to play music but to create a community of dance music enthusiasts who can share their love for the genre.

Over the years, I have also used the platform to support and promote new talent, providing a springboard for artists to reach a wider audience. This commitment to fostering new talent and connecting listeners with the freshest sounds in dance music is what makes “Globalsessions” a truly global show.

Syndicast: What inspired you to start the show, and how would you describe the evolution of your journey up to this point?

Paul Rudd: The inspiration behind “Globalsessions” really came from a deep love of dance music and my desire to share this passion with a global audience. It actually originated I would say in Cyprus, where I spent a lot of time at the start of my production career. My executive producer, Small Paul (an incredible human being by the way), was based in Cyprus. We worked together extensively, and during my time there, I connected with several expat radio stations.

One of these stations asked if I could create a weekly show for them. Initially, the show was called “The Dance Sessions” and was exclusively for that station. It wasn’t a podcast or anything similar; it was just a weekly show tailored for them. This opportunity allowed me to standardise the show, eventually expanding it to multiple stations.

Working with various artists over the years, like the phenomenal Kelli-Leigh, who would send me tracks that deserved more play, also inspired the growth of “Globalsessions.” Providing a platform for such hardworking, independent artists to reach a wider audience has always been a key motivator.

Seeing the show’s success and the positive response from listeners around the world is incredibly rewarding. The journey from a single station show, to an international platform has been exciting, and I’m thrilled to see where it will go next.

Syndicast: Could you pinpoint any significant milestones in your career or the path of “Globalsessions”?

Paul Rudd: Several milestones stand out in my career and the evolution of “Globalsessions.” One significant achievement was the international syndication of the show, which allowed us to reach a new global audience, including countries like Germany, the United States, and Australia. Celebrating our 100th episode was another highlight!

On a personal level, back in 2012, I had the privilege of working with the amazing Jaki Graham, which was phenomenal. Around the same time, I was involved with the Olympics in London, collaborating with various companies worldwide. These opportunities were a testament to the recognition and credibility I had built over the years. I also toured extensively in America and Europe, with my tracks reaching the top five in dance charts across Europe, Canada, and America.

It’s incredibly satisfying to now have “Globalsessions” broadcast in those same countries, where we receive tremendous support from numerous stations. Reflecting on my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented individuals, including the phenomenal Amanda Wilson, an amazing global vocalist who initially worked with the Freemasons and the late, great Avicii. Amanda is now gaining well-deserved recognition in her own right and continues to make amazing music. It’s a privilege to play her music on “Globalsessions.”

The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point as a lot of stations pulled out, and it was a strange time for all. The show took a natural break for a while. I was busy with other projects, and it really needed reviving with a new look and sound. 

It was actually during a holiday that I discussed the show with a fellow radio host. He convinced me to push the show further. He and his partner are now lifelong friends, and I will always thank him for encouraging me.

Syndicast: Where can listeners tune in to “Globalsessions”?

Paul Rudd: Listeners can tune in to “Globalsessions” on various radio stations across multiple countries, both on traditional FM radio and online streaming platforms. The show is syndicated on numerous stations, making it accessible to a wide audience. For a complete list of stations and broadcast times, follow us on social media, where we regularly post updates and information on where and when to listen.

In addition to traditional broadcasts, “Globalsessions” is also available weekly on podcast streaming platforms, ensuring that listeners can enjoy the show from virtually anywhere in the world. The combination of radio and digital platforms allows us to reach a diverse and extensive audience, catering to dance music enthusiasts globally.

My social media channels are a great way to stay connected with the latest news and updates about the show. We regularly share behind-the-scenes content, upcoming episodes, and ‘The Track of The Week’, ensuring my listeners never miss out!

Syndicast: How do you promote “Globalsessions,” and what strategies have proven most effective for you?

Paul Rudd: Promotion for “Globalsessions” involves a strategic mix of social media engagement, collaborations, and industry networking. Social media platforms like Facebook, X, and Instagram are essential for interacting directly with our audience, sharing updates, and building a strong community around the show. Another good way is getting a show sponsor. This is the hardest part, but a great way of monetizing the show.

Collaborations with guest DJs and producers help to expand our reach and bring fresh content to our listeners. These collaborations often attract the guest artists’ fanbases, broadening our audience.

Participating in industry events and networking with other professionals has also been instrumental in promoting the show and establishing valuable connections. This helps in creating opportunities for guest mixes and interviews, enhancing the show’s content.

Additionally, we’ve embraced the power of podcasts and online streaming, recognising that online listening has now overtaken traditional FM radio listening. This shift has allowed us to reach a broader and more diverse audience. By making “Globalsessions” available on popular podcast platforms, we ensure that our content is accessible to a global audience at their convenience.

Consistent, high-quality content remains at the core of our promotional strategy, ensuring that listeners keep coming back for more. Maintaining a regular release schedule and focusing on delivering top-notch music and mixes is crucial for retaining and growing our audience.

Syndicast: What advice would you offer to those who are just about to start their own radio show creator journey?

Paul Rudd: My advice to aspiring radio show creators is to stay passionate and consistent. Have a clear vision for your show and commit to delivering high-quality content. Networking is crucial; connect with industry professionals and seek collaboration opportunities. Building relationships with artists can lead to direct access to new music, which is invaluable.

Be open to feedback and always look for ways to improve and innovate to keep your show engaging and fresh for your audience. Remember, persistence and dedication are key to success in this industry. Embrace digital platforms and consider creating podcasts to broaden your reach, as online listening continues to grow.

Helping and supporting people in the industry, from artists and producers to labels, can transform your show from good to great. By fostering these relationships and staying dedicated to your vision, you can create a show that resonates with listeners and stands out in the crowded media landscape. This holistic approach will help you build a strong, engaged audience and achieve long-term success in the dynamic world of radio and digital media.

Syndicast: What are your short-term and long-term plans for your career and for “Globalsessions”?

Paul Rudd: In the short term, I’m focused on expanding the reach of “Globalsessions” and exploring new collaboration opportunities with artists and producers and sponsors. Enhancing the show’s presence on digital platforms is also a priority to make it more accessible to listeners worldwide.

Long-term, I aspire to establish “Globalsessions” as a leading name in new dance music! As the saying goes, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” I am committed to shaping a future where “Globalsessions” continues to be at the forefront of the dance music scene, consistently delivering fresh and exciting music to a growing audience.

As this goes to press, we’re currently in talks with some of the UK’s best event agents to produce ‘Globalsessions – The Live Event,’ a one-day event featuring workshops, promotions, and a huge club classics themed night available to a wider audience. Watch this space!

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