Syndicast teams up with LabelWorx

We're excited to announce our partnership with LabelWorx! Syndicast joins forces with the largest independent digital distributor for indie electronic music.

This collaboration embodies our dedication to spreading great music globally. Exciting opportunities await LabelWorx clients, including an exclusive offer on our radio plugging service!

Who is LabelWorx?

LabelWorx is more than just a music distribution platform; it’s a dedicated partner for artists and record labels in the electronic music industry. Founded with a vision to simplify the complex landscape of digital music distribution, LabelWorx has evolved into a comprehensive service provider, offering a range of solutions tailored to the unique needs of the electronic music community.

What Does LabelWorx Offer?

Digital Music Distribution: At the heart of LabelWorx’s services lies its digital music distribution platform. This tool empowers artists and record labels to effortlessly distribute their music to popular online stores and streaming platforms. From Beatport to Spotify, iTunes to Amazon, LabelWorx ensures that your tracks reach a global audience.

Royalty Collection and Reporting: Earning money from your music is vital, and LabelWorx understands this. They assist clients in collecting royalties generated from music sales and streams, providing detailed, transparent reports so you can keep track of your earnings.

Promotional Tools: The world of electronic music is competitive, and standing out is key. LabelWorx provides a suite of promotional tools and marketing services to help you gain visibility and connect with your audience effectively. From pre-release marketing campaigns to pitching your music directly to playlist curators, they’ve got your back.

Label Management Software: For record labels, LabelWorx offers management software that simplifies catalog management, contract tracking, and sales data analysis. Streamlining these processes frees up more time for artists and labels to focus on what they do best—making music.

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