Spotify takes down music podcasts

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Spotify has removed 1000s of music podcasts from their platform and they stopped allowing mix podcasts.

In case the Coronavirus has not hit the music world hard enough, as of today, Spotify has removed 10.000s of music podcasts – without informing the creators – from their platform and they stopped allowing mix podcasts due to copyright issues. (We think it might be because of the Article 17 that has to be implemented in EU member states by June 21, 2021)

If you have a music podcast and it’s still on Spotify, be prepared as it will be taken down soon. 
If you have a talk podcast do not need to worry, nothing has changed. 
On the other platforms Apple Podcasts (still no.1 in the world), Google Podcasts, Deezer, Stitcher, Acast, Castro, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, iHeart, TuneIn / Alexa there have not been any changes.
This is what Spotify says:

“We currently don’t allow music mix podcasts. This is because Spotify for Podcasters isn’t intended for this, as artists don’t receive streams for any content within a podcasts.

If you’d like to promote the artists on your label, we recommend making a playlist containing the artist’s music on Spotify. This way the artist is properly credited and receives the streams for their music.

You can even get a verified account for your label to post these playlist with. You’ll just need to request verification via the Label Verification Form.

Right now, Label Verification doesn’t grant additional tools or status, but you’ll get the blue verification check mark. It’s worth bearing in mind that it may take the team a few weeks to process your application. “

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