1385 radios are in our system now!

Did you know

hundreds and even thousands of radio stations play electronic dance music worldwide?
Of course not.
Syndicast Launches The World's biggest Electronic dance music radio
promotion service with the best

FM, Satellite, digital and
online radios on the board

Radio airplay and radio promotion is what almost every artist and label dreams of. However without having the connections, it will remain that way, a dream.

There are hundreds and even thousands of radio stations play electronic dance music worldwide. They are open to playing new music from known and unknown artists but simple sending CD or mp3 is not enough to get them to check and listen or even play. The radios mostly use trustful sources to accept and receive new music.

You need somebody to introduce, promote and deliver your songs to them, get them interested in sharing your work with their hundreds, thousands or even millions of listeners. You need somebody to keep track of who is playing you, collect feedbacks and do the delivery to the radios.

This what the Syndicast Radio Promotion System is all about!

how does
it work?

why you should try the worlds biggest
edm radio promotion service

You upload your music and the release info via our "easy and quick to use" distribution system.

The system delivers your music to the radios and notify them about it. They check it, leave feedbacks and download if they like it.

They broadcast your music, you receive detailed report and it will boost your sales.

Radio & Media We Promote
and deliver your music to

  • Satellite Radios
  • Digital Radios
  • FM Radios
  • Internet Radio Stations
  • International Networks
  • National Network Radio
  • Syndicated Radio Shows

Use The Most Effective Way Of Promotion While You Save Money!

With the demand of digital releases growing and increased shipping and CD / vinyl manufacturing prices, digital promotion is becoming an important tool in reaching radios and listeners worldwide - quickly and cost-effectively.

Syndicast Radio Promotion System provides you the best of both worlds. Radios can access instantly high-quality mp3 versions of your music and you save on both CDs and shipping.