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Note before you start the submission:

  • You must have at least one PUBLISHED episode before you can submit your podcast and then get listed in any directories.​
  • Log in to your Syndicast account, go to your show’s page and COPY the “RSS Feed URL” of your podcast. (Make sure you copy the exact URL without spaces or any extra characters.) You will need this in order to verify that it’s your podcast.

If you want your podcast to be indexed in the Podcast Addict library, please go on the Podcast Addict website:

You can then paste your podcast’s official RSS feed URL. 

In return, you will get a Podcast Addict URL that you can put on your website and share with your listeners.

This URL will open your podcast subscription page on the Podcast Addict app when used on a phone, or use your podcast page on Podcast Addict’s website.

If your podcast wasn’t already indexed in the app database, it can take up to 24 hours for the podcast to be available.

Promote your podcast with a landing page

The landing page feature is a free tool to promote your podcast and boost your chances of it being discovered. Make it easy for your fans to listen to your podcast by getting it on their favourite streaming platform. You can use it on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Syndicast podcast landing page

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