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We offer automated and personalized Digital Strategy & Marketing Services for Artists and Labels.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the right options to help you out.

Social Media Strategy, Digital Media Strategy and Streaming Strategy. Everything in order to boost your record label and grow your revenue.

Social Media Strategy, Digital Media Strategy and Streaming Strategy. Everything in order to boost your record label and grow your revenue.

Syndicast music promotion


Wanna give a big push to your upcoming release?

Let us help you! Syndicast delivers music to the mailboxes of some of the biggest names of the Techno and Tech-House scene. We get your music delivered to them and we will collect the feedback.

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Label & Release

Unique and completely automated, our software for pre-music promotion is cloud-based.

Save time, money and effort running your label with our solution – Virtual Label Manager – that combines DJ promo-sending/radio-plugging and uploading to the chosen streaming platform(s).


We make your music available worldwide on hundreds of online digital stores and streaming platforms.

We can help you reach and connect with your fans all around the world.

We pay out on a monthly basis.

Benefits of distributing with Us

Upload your Music

All you have to do is follow a straightforward procedure to upload your music on our platform with the correct metadata, so we can be sure that your release will reach the stores optimized enough for fans to discover.

If you need assistance, a dedicated client manager is available to answer all your questions.

Distribute your Music

We distribute your music to all major digital music services like Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Music, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and more.

We ensure that your release will reach as many stores as possible, giving fans worldwide the opportunity to enjoy your music.

Pre-Release your Music

We make your music available for Pre-order and Pre-save before the release date on several stores like iTunes, Spotify and more.

Pre-saves are like pre-orders, but for streaming services. Allow fans to add/save an album, EP or single to their library or playlists in advance until it becomes available on its release date.

Playlist Promotion

We curate our own playlists under Syndicast’s brand and we include artists that release their music through our platform.

Additionally we pitch your content to Spotify’s editorial team, giving you the opportunity to be included in playlists with thousands of followers.

Receive your Earnings

We put together detailed reports and statistics to ensure you are always getting the most out of your music and our services.

We do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is wait for the generated revenue to arrive at your account.




Since 2010 Syndicast has worked with some of the biggest electronic music artists in the world and helped them to grow both their profile and reach globally.

Our unique all-in-one platform that combines digital music distribution, music promotion, radio plugging, marketing strategies and even podcasting and radio show syndication.


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