We offer automated and personalized Digital Strategy & Marketing Services for artists and labels. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the right options to help you out.



Social Media Strategy

We will assess and monitor all Social Media funnels and offer you personalized Social Media consultancy services/consultations for your artist or label. Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube

Most labels and artists underestimate the importance of a Social Media presence, but fans really want to get what they want easily. Our experts will help you reach a new audience by putting your content in front of potential fans who are guaranteed to love it.

Understand your audience. Make sure your profiles are fully optimized for all the different Social Media platforms, cross-promote your presence across different services, develop a strategy with us to ensure that you are getting as much exposure as possible, reaching your fans with interesting content that will keep them engaged and loyal with your brand.


Digital Marketing Strategy

We will offer you marketing plans, with a focus on digital, for all the various needs of  artists and labels. 

We create powerful Digital Marketing strategies to promote your music and reach your target audience. From creative ideas for marketing campaigns, to experimenting with new tools and technologies, we handcraft our strategy, based on best practices and the specifics of each project․

We will put our knowledge of digital platforms and tools to work for your artists and labels, coming up with innovative ways to promote your music and connect with fans to make sure that your content is promoted to the right audience, and help you communicate effectively with your fanbase.

Knowing your fans is the key to success. We will provide automated or personalized recommendations to help you define the audience for your music, analyze the market, establish your goals and create an effective plan with an exact budget that will help you spread the word about your music at a lower cost.



We optimize and develop your brand and its growth, creating the perfect streaming strategies for your artists and labels. This includes consultancy for Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Music and more.

We will provide different strategies for each streaming platform to ensure that your brand is fully optimized and that you get the most out of all different services and recommendation algorithms. Stay at the top of your game and make sure you are getting as much exposure as possible with either our automated or personalized solutions.

Streaming, which accounts for than more 100 million users of paid subscriptions globally, makes up the majority of digital revenue, which, in turn, now accounts for 50% of total industry revenue.

This is why everybody is focusing on understanding and developing strategies that will help music discovery and across all different services (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube).

The next big opportunity for streaming is to become the future of radio, which incidentally is around double the size of the recorded music market.


We offer automated and personalized Digital Strategy & Marketing Services for Artists and Labels.

Digital marketing and music promotion is the way to promote your music to a wider audience and improve your marketing and social media presence.


optimize your brand

We help you optimize your label or artist’s profile on many different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

save time and resources

Time is money, so make sure you save some by using Syndicast’s services that range from distribution services to marketing and promotion.

maximize your potential growth

Apply audience development strategies after our coaching, that could make the difference for your brand and its reach.

reach the world

Deliver your message/campaign to your fans making sure that you apply all best tactics in order to  ensure that you maximize your reach worldwide.

Digital Marketing
and Social Media

  • Facebook Twitter Instagram
  • Video Marketing on YouTube and more
  • Advertising in the Music Industry & Campaigns
  • Data, Insights & Messaging apps
  • Streaming Strategy
from 250€ / month*
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Streaming Strategy

Digital Marketing Consultancy Services (for artists and labels)




Since 2010 Syndicast has worked with some of the biggest electronic music artists in the world and helped them to grow both their profile and reach globally.

Our unique all-in-one platform that combines digital music distribution, music promotion, radio plugging, marketing strategies and even podcasting and radio show syndication.


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